20the century opera: The devil falls in love

sat 28 sep 2019
Theme: Contemporary Music
Genre: Opera

Russian composer Alexander Vustin (1943) is virtually unknown, with a small oeuvre. But his only opera The Devil falls in Love is an exception. Vustin wrote the opera on the basis of a libretto by Vladimir Khachaturov, who was inspired by the similarly titled work by the 16th century French writer Jacques Cazotte. Vustin took 15 years for it and completed the work in 1989. The plot is about Alvare, who appeals together with his two friends for the devil. He responds and appears, firstly as a camel, then as gundog and finally as the lovely Biondetta (which means: an attractive blonde). Alvare wants to marry her but first wants to introduce her to his mother. On the way there they stop at a wedding where they’re taken for a couple and are given a double room in the hotel. Once there Biondetta takes her mask off to remind him of her true identity.

The opera was premiered this year (15th February 2019) in the Stanislavski and Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater in Moscow. There are no recording or videos available.

As far as we’re concerned: as soon as possible!