Dr Klagendum

mon 20 oct 2014
Theme: Crosslinks

Over the months of October and November Dr Klagendum will be presenting a number of her projects carried out in conjunction with artists centre WORM. On 21st October you can hear The Ireland Tapes..

Dr Klangendum will be presenting 2 projects synchronistically, in serial form. One is an ambient flow fake documentary in the " Perverse Animals Series " covering such topics as Cars, Taxidermy, Perversity, Homosexual Animals and Riverdance, in 6 episodes each of c. 20 minutes. The other is a ( radiophonic ) radioplay made by a number of sound artists and radio makers, each one a new " short story ". The makers ( Lucinda Guy, Secluded Bronte and The X Static Tics ) developed and recorded them for the most part in the electronic WORM/KLAGENDUM Studio in Rotterdam..



1. PERVERSE ANIMALS #2 The Ireland Tapes by Dr Klangendum; part 1 LAST EXIT TO BUSHY PARK (21 oktober 2014)


2. Stubnitz Benefiet Tracks; (28 oktober 2014)

2.1 Dream of Broken Boulevard – Xavier von Wersch

2.2 Quiet Village – Huib Emmer

2.3 Kannichnichtliegtimgrab – Anne Wellmer

2.4 Tele Illusionen – Paralodia


3. An island In The Moon by Lucinda Guy part 1