A debutant, a veteran and two frisbee throwers

wed 28 jul 2021
Theme: Jazz

Vrij 30 juli 17:00 uur – Holland Jazz. Fresh productions with a lot of variation.

Pianist and singer Hanna Marieke  recently released her first album, Rhythms of Grace. Drummer Timo Menkveld and bass player Ruben Bekx complete her trio. She says about her music: ‘My music is the vulnerable story of my heart. I let everything around me come in; from the loveliest moments in nature to the most difficult situations in life. I’m always looking for light, hope and beauty. I translate my search into jazz music and honest stories.’ She composed all the works.

From a debutant  to a veteran. The still active 85 year old drummer John Engels (photo) is playing here in a trio with alto sax Benjamin Herman and bass player Joris Teepe. When Will The Blues Leave is the name of the album . The title track is a delightful blues piece by Ornette Coleman. In The Peacocks (Jimmy Rowles) Engels and Teepe delicately support Herman’s meditative solo playing. In all the pieces they sound a like a really close trio, with room for solos from the bass and percussion.

The opening of the programme launches us into a completely different musical universe. Viola player Oene van Geel and saxophone player Tom van Dyck throw audiotracks at each other from a distance . All styles of jazz. Unbounded creativity in styles and compositions. There’s more to hear on their album Frisbee than just viola and sax by the way.

Listen in!

Holland Jazz – a programme by Jan Verwey