A new programming schedule

sat 22 jun 2019


We’re there: we’re starting a new broadcasting programme on 20th June. In that way we hope to better meet the listener’s wishes. How? In Lucie Th. Vermij article in this newsletter Sem de Jongh and Niklaas Hoekstra explain all. Specially for Early Music lovers programme coördinatrice Irene Stolp lays out to which times a number of programmes will be moving. Don’t worry, Bach ad Infinitum and Early Music retain a prominent place in our new programming. And while we’re talking about renewal: this month a lot of attention for Karlheinz Stockhausen. If you didn’t like the opera series Licht , you can come to the Concertzender for free: Emmanuel Overbeeke has put together a lovely programme about the Great Renewer. And Luc Nijs wrote a special piece about Licht. An impressive book from our former colleague Arthur Olof about Russian 20th century Music appeared posthumously. With so much to read you might not even have time to listen! That’s why the next newsletter is going to appear a bit later, end of July. Have a great summer!