A Second Chance for Hummel

mon 4 apr 2016

On Tuesday 5th April 2016 from 19.00 – 20.00 another episode of a Second Chance for Hummel.
During his research about the life and work of
Johann Nepomuk Hummel(1778 – 1837)  programme maker Thijs Bonger repeatedly came across the name of Mauro Giuliani, the Italian

master guitarist who fled the opera dictatorship in his own country and was famous throughout  Europe. He settled in Vienna and was so friendly with Hummel that they wrote music together. If you compare how much music was composed in the 19th century for the guitar – sometimes by important composers – then you can wonder why it is that the guitar is so rarely heard in international concert halls. In this ‘guitar ’episode of a ‘Second Chance for Hummel’ you’ll hear music by Hummel himself, but also by Beethoven, Weber, Paganini, Schubert and a joint effort by Hummel and Giuliani.