A second chance for Hummel, part XXI

sun 4 sep 2016

On Tuesday 6 September 19:00-20:00 CET, compiler/presenter Thijs Bonger continues his series about the life of Johann Nepomuk Hummel(1778-1839).

Following the diversion of ‘Schöne Minka’ that was covered in part XX, Hummel leaves the frustrations of Stuttgart behind him and takes on a dream job in 1819 at the court in Weimar, the most important centre for theatre in Germany at that time, primarily because of the presence there of Goethe. He got the job as the result of a recommendation by the music-loving daughter-in-law of the duke, Maria Pavlovna (see illustration), the sister of the Russian Tsar. Hummel gives her piano lessons and she progresses so quickly that he writes an idealistic and romantic piano sonata for her. Prior to this he also wrote a piano trio which also gives the pianist the opportunity to shine.