Acoustic Roots with Sjahin During

thu 30 jan 2020
Theme: World Music

Friday 31st jan, 21.00 . When there’s a fifth Friday in the month, then Ton Maas is back with Acoustic Moods.

This time Sjahin During welcomed us at his home. Read the programme text here .

It’s an unusual meeting. Sjahin, with a pile of cd’s in front of him, has always had a very busy musical life. He’s also very hard to get hold of because he’s so busy with his projects. Originally we tried to invite him to Acoustic Roots with his new Mundus Quartet to make a live recording, but that kept failing due to his busy schedule.

So we travelled to Amsterdam to make the recording at home for our sister programme Acoustic Moods . In this episode of Acoustic Moods Ton Maas talks to Sjahin about his unusual musical life story. Sjahin will shortly be coming to Acoustic Roots as well with his band Mundus  and will tell you about that later.

Sjahin During en Ton Maas

Mundus is also taking part in the concert series Old Roots New Routes. At the beginning of 2020 the third edition took place with concerts not only in Amsterdam but also in Rotterdam and Utrecht. Ancient musical traditions from other cultures develop in the Low Countries in surprising directions. This cross fertilisation has led to a new musical idiom with surprising impulses for existing genres. Unnoticed and mostly invisible they have become a part of our musical landscape.

Old Roots New Routes provides a platform for these ‘Dutch delta sounds’ with unusual semi acoustic formations:

as well as thet Mundus Quartet also Neco Novellas & Ernst Reijseger, Raj Mohan, het Mozaiek Ensemble, Patricio Wang Ensemble led by Marja Vuijsje and Tarmonica.

The musicians come from Africa, Asia, the Middle East and South America and blossomed in Dutch clay. Together with Dutch soulmates they follow new paths from their ‘old roots’. A unique series, take part!


za 1 februari  Mundus Quartet (TR/NL/BR/HU) Première
20.30 | Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

vr 21 februari  Neco Novellas & Ernst Reijseger (MZ/NL)
20.30 | LantarenVenster, Rotterdam

za 22 februari  Neco Novellas & Ernst Reijseger (MZ/NL)
20.30 | Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

vr 20 maart      Raj Mohan & Ensemble (SR/DE/NL)
20.00 | TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

za 21 maart     Raj Mohan & Ensemble (SR/DE/NL)
20.30 | Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

za 18 april       Mozaiek Ensemble (SY/FR/NL) Première
20.30 | Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

wo 5 mei         Patricio Wang Ensemble led by Marja Vuijsje (CL/NL)
Bevrijdingsconcert 20.30 | De Duif, Amsterdam

za 16 mei        Patricio Wang Ensemble led by Marja Vuijsje (NL/CL)
20.00 | TivoliVredenburg, Utrecht

za 23 mei        Tarmonica (GR/IR/ID)
20.30 | Amstelkerk, Amsterdam

Go for tickets to Dutch Delta Sounds.
Read here for more details about the project Old Roots New Routes by Dutch Delta Sounds.

Together with Dutch Delta Sounds, as well as Mundus also playing are Neco Novellas & Ernst Reijseger (21/2) and Raj Mohan (20/3) in Acoustic Roots.

Shortly on the Concertzender!