An Ox on the Roof : the Kiev avante-garde

thu 30 jun 2022

In the 40th episode of An Ox on the Roof compiler Thea Derks honours Ukrainian composers. You’ll hear among other pieces the First Piano Sonata by Volodymyr Zagortsev (1944-2010), who belonged to the so-called Kiev avant-garde. The group consisted of composers who in the 60’s studied at the Kiev Conservatorium and used the dodecaphonal and serial composition methods which were then in vogue in Western Europe. You’ll also hear a piece by Julia Gomelskaja (1964-2016), whose duo for accordeon and violin Behind the Shadow of Sound we played in episode 36. Gomelskaja was very successful both home and abroad and in 2002 composed an opera about the legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt.


An Ox on the Roof: The Kiev Avant-garde.
Sunday 3rd July 2022 from 1700 to 1800