Anass Habib and Friends in Acoustic Roots

fri 15 jan 2016
Theme: World Music

On Friday 15th January at 21:00 singer Anass Habib is our guest.For this occasion he'll be bringing along six musicians ( for their names see below ) .

Anass comes from Fez (Morocco) and showed his song ambitions at an early age, already singing classic Arabic songs when he was five years of age.


His repertoire covers many lands and civilisations. From the great Lebanese diva Fairouz to the Egyptian diva Oum Kalthoum, from the Syrian Sabah Fakhri to the Lebanese Marcel Khalife, from sufi poems to maronite (early Christian)  melodies and Middle Ages Sephardic/Andalusian songs…

Anass sings mostly in one of the many Arabic dialects, in Syrian (Aramaic), in early Greek, but also in French, Spanish and English.


The musicians who will be performing are:

– Goksel Yilmaz: Guitar/ Baglama (Saz)
– Sandor Kem: Double base
– Jamil Al Assadi: Qanun
– Latif Al Obeidi: Percussion
– Waseem Al Masri: Violin
– Kamal Hors: Oud


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