Brexit: Look for the differences, revel in the similarities

wed 30 oct 2019

We could have devoted a prize question to it: will the UK leave the EU or not? And if so, when? It remains a question. Just like Jean Jouvenel des Ursins (1360-1431) wrote a little while ago: If Fate wants England and France to be one country, why the English Channel? In November, the London tombola gives reason to some extra tender loving care for our neighbours, so alike and so different. And so connected, because which of us has not visited England for a short or longer trip? You’ll hear about a British Bach, our composer of the month, for whom the visiting Mozart stole a note or two. And also Beethoven, whose complete works we will be playing in 2020 , pays a visit. Of course we couldn’t ignore Purcell, Dowland and John Ireland (!) , with their music for all sorts of sad events. But also a superb concert by John Engels, even older than the Brexit debate, and still going strong. You can hear it in Concertzender Live Jazz. The clincher for this month is Radio itself, which will be 100 in November. The palace of Nostalgia will be devoting a special broadcast to it. Enjoy and see you next month, with or without the UK. Carry on!