Broadcast schema 2021

wed 30 dec 2020
Theme: General

The Concertzender just gets better and better. Just think: 18 months ago we started horizontal programming. Objectives: more of our own recordings and mornings with accessible music. Our programme Morning edition has grown to be one of our flagships . We’re happy and apparently so are you. So onwards and upwards – how?

From 1st February  – so you have to be patient – every working week evening will get its own signature. Love Baroque but find Free Jazz a bit too …. Free? Or the other way around? From 1st February you’ll know where you are. Here’s the list:

Monday: Live-recordings
Tuesday: Classical music
Wednesday: New music
Thursday: Early music
Friday: World music
Saturday: Jazz
Sunday: Crosslinks

So every evening of the week music you want to hear. And on every other evening you can browse through thousand of programmes of every conceivable genre on our site or the app. Is that all? No. From next month between 1700 and 1900 you can listen to jazz or world music on the Concertzender. In the attached schema we’ve set it all out for you.

Zenderformat 2021 def

More next month, because there are some changes in the morning too.