Bureau Radiophonie

thu 1 oct 2020

A new programme starts on Sunday 4 October: Bureau Radiophonie!

A new programme that presents radiophonics. Does that mean deep listening trying to discern the subtle nuances emanating from the depths of a cauldron of abstract sounds.

No, that is the opposite of what it means.

Radiophonics or radiophonic music can be defined as follows:

On the one hand; the sound effects  that were originally made for radio plays, films, podcasts or documentaries and….

On the other hand; a form of sound art that extends radio plays and documentaries by introducing abstract sounds.

When radiophonics combine both sound effects and sound art it can produce an almost cinematic radio adventure. An adventure in which fiction and non-fiction merge to provide the most unexpected listening experiences.

So don’t expect a standard radio programme and a well-defined music genre. Do expect to enter a world in which music plays games with the listener. Music that can be made by synthesizers or by broken-down jazz pianos. Music taken from the digital media landscape or from dusty cassettes or from obscure vinyl. All of that music is then presented in a context for which it was never intended.

Bureau Radiophonie is broadcast on the first Sunday of every month  at 18:00 CET. The programme is presented live from the studio by Harrold Roeland, and because Harrold puts together Bureau Radiophonie as it is being broadcast it is impossible to predict what you will hear.

Radio as a surprise for both the maker and the listener. Each programme will be like a ‘first date’ with Bureau Radiophonie.