Christoph Pregardien and Michael Gees

thu 21 feb 2019

woensdag 13 februari 2019, 20:15
Muziekgebouw Amsterdam
The ballads of Schubert and Loewe

No broadcast date yet for this concert.

Master singer Christoph Prégardien and original pianist Michael Gees are a strong and much-praised song duo. For the first time in their 30 year collaboration they’re presenting a programme of only ballads – story-telling songs without refrains. Such as Mahlers lovely Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen. After the intermission tenor Prégardien and Gees mix less well-known Schubert songs into a cycle which forms a story of itself.

Carl Loewe, contemporary of Schubert, was the master of the ballad. He was so good that even Schubert acknowledged him as his master. Fortunately Schubert himself wrote some ballads, enough for half a recital. Lovely stories about love, quests and farewell.


19.30 uur / Grote Zaal / Voorprogramma
Stefan Kennedy tenor
Thijn Vermeulen piano
Benjamin Britten Winter Words

20.15 uur / Grote Zaal / Hoofdprogramma
Carl Loewe
Der Nöck
Tom der Reimer
Robert Schumann
Franz Liszt Die Loreley
Gustav Mahler Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen
Franz Schubert
Versunken D 715
Willkommen und Abschied D 767
Nachtstück D 672
Abschied D 475
An mein Herz D 860
Der Einsame D 800
Aufenthalt D 957,5
Die Mutter Erde D 788
An den Mond D 259
Rastlose Liebe D 138
Abschied D 957