Clarence Barlow Musical Agorithms

mon 23 jul 2018

Wednesday 25th July 20:00 . Theme.

Music as a huge mathematical puzzle.

The British/Indian composer Clarence Barlow (1945) has no equal in conjuring musical magic from formulas, mathematical patterns and algorithms. Perfectly constructed music in which Barlow over and over again confirms the fun of creation. An almost unfathomable musical game using musical history, technique and complexity. However Barlow keeps his compositions accessible by ingeniously using repetition, gradual processes and variation. The Dutch ensembles Modelo62 and Ives Ensemble have really got into Clarence Barlow’s work. At the beginning of the 90’s Barlow was also artistic director of the Sonologie institute of the Koninklijk Conservatorium Den Haag. At the beginning of this year an impressive overview of his work appeared on a double cd, on which Modelo62 performed all his chamber music. In this Theme attention for Clarence Barlow’s work including a lot of chamber music and his rarely heard major ensemble piece ‘Im Januar am Nil’