Classic Jazz: Jack Hylton

fri 30 jul 2021
Theme: Jazz
Composer: Jack Hylton

Ate van Delden put together a programme for Classic Jazz with the Orchestra of English pianist and band leader Jack Hylton in mind. Born in Lancaster, 1892, Hylton started his musical life as a choirboy. In 1913 he ended up in London through travelling orchestras as a pianist assistant. Six years later in 1919 the from America visiting Original Dixieland Jazz Band made their success. All sorts of English orchestras tried to get a piece of the pie, including the Queen’s Dance Orchestra with Hylton as a sitting pianist and arranger. Hylton’s band records were selling really well, so the band would regularly be in the recording studio. Some records, like the Limehouse Blues, belong to the earliest performances kept on record. Jack Hylton’s band used to play many American repertoires, with much focus on Classic Jazz. One special record that we have in our possession is a recording from Doo Dah Blues that was not published.