Composer of the month: Dutilleux

tue 29 sep 2020
Theme: Modern Music
Composer: Henri Dutilleux

Composer of the month October is the Frenchman Henri Dutilleux. He lived to be almost one hundred but despite that Dutilleux’s oeuvre was small, and he only really got going after the end of the Second World War.

Dutilleux’s music is like a lot of his countrymen, typically French’: lyrical, magical, sound colour classically formed, it all hangs together. Still Dutilleux’s music reached further than any country boundaries. In the 60’s he got commissions from among others America, to which we owe the orchestral piece Métaboles. This piece proved to be the forerunner of a much tougher and less traditional manner of composing which produced works such as the Violin concerto and the Second Symphony. You can hear both works this month on the Concertzender. The timings can be found in your programme guide. Allez, mes amis, écoutez!

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