Concert Zender Live – Hudaki Village Band

wed 25 feb 2015

On Friday evening 27th February  between 20:00 – 21:00 you can hear the music of the Hudaki Village Band from Ruthenia, a district of Transcarpathia, West-Ukraïne.

This remote hilly region was in the last century part of respectively Hungary, Slowakia, Romania, the USSR and finally Ukraïne. The original ethnic group, the Ruthenians, also shared their country with many other minorities, including Hungarians, Romanians, Roma’s, Germans and Jews. Hudaki has benefitted from this rich past and performs the songs and dances from the village of Nizhnije Selisje and its neighbours in their original, powerful form. Since the fall of the Soviet Union the local population has rediscovered its own roots and regional folkmusic has been adopted as part of their identity.

This concert was recorded in hall 100 in Amsterdam on 28th November 2014.


Here is the guide.