Concertzender at the Can Can Dinnershow

On Sunday 19th April the Concertzender will be recording the première of the Can Can Dinnershow with a performance by K.O.Brass!, in the Winkel van Sinkel in Utrecht in the runup to the Grand Départ of the Tour de France in july.


The Can Can Dinnershow is a French experience with superb cuisine, spectacular shows from La Vinia Dans, artists  Alies Thomas and Mitch Wolterink plus K.O.Brass! (the brass section of the The Kyteman Orchestra).

K.O.Brass! is an international brass quintet consisting of the brass section of The Kyteman Orchestra. Kobi Arditi, Romain Bly, Randell Heye, Robert-Jan Looysen and Patrick Votrian: 5 famous soloists performing at top level.

In the Can Can Dinnershow they'll be playing a variety of music by Tchaikovsky, Edith Piaf, Eric Satie, Offenbach and from the Balkans.


The recording will be broadcast later, but you can hear a taster in Concertzender Today on 22nd April (from 15.00 to 17.00 ) .


There's more information on the site van de Winkel van Sinkel or in the Facebookevent.