Concertzender at the Early Music Festival 2016

tue 30 aug 2016

This year the  Concertzender will again record many concerts during the Early Music Festival 2016 in ! Concerts with big names, but also highly promising musicians in the Fabulous Fringeconcerts and the daily Eventalks.

Every day from 27th August until 4th September 2016 we’ll be in Utrecht during the Early Music Festival 2016 at the Fabulous Fringeconcerts (every day at 12.30 ) in the Grote Zaal of TivoliVredenburg and the daily Eventalks (18.30 ) in the Hertz-zaal of TivoliVredenburg.

During the last weekend, Friday 2nd Sep. till Sunday 4th Sep. we’ll be visiting the early music market in TivoliVredenburg.

And of course we’ll be recording lots of concerts from the main programme, such as those by Maria Cristina Kiehr, Collegium 1704, Ensemble Gilles Binchois and both artists in residence Gli Angeli Genève and Olga Pashchenko.
You can find reviews of most of the concerts on our early music blog.

Below an overview of the main concerts we’ll be recording:

27th Aug.
15.00 Scherzi Musicali – Leeuwenbergh
28th Aug.
15.00 Concerto Soave – Geertekerk
17.00 Cappella Mediterranea – Hertz TivoliVredenburg
29th Aug.
11.00 Capriccio Stravagante – Hertz
30th Aug.
11.00 Collegium 1704 – Hertz
15.00 Micrologus – Geertekerk
17.00 Graindelavoix – Domkerk
22.30 Gli Angeli Genève – Hertz
31st Aug.
11.00 Collegium Marianum – Hertz
17.00 Cantica Symphonia – Pieterskerk
22.30 Vox Luminis & L’Acheron – Hertz
1st Sep.
11.00 Shayegh en Halubek – Akademiegebouw
17.00 Nederlands Kamerkoor – Pieterskerk
17.00 Les Musiciens du Louvre – Geertekerk
2nd Sep.
11.00 Il Suonar Parlante – Hertz
17.00 Officium Ensemble – Pieterskerk
3rd Sep.
13.00 Reitze Smits – Nicolaïkerk
15.00 Ensemble Gilles Binchois – Pieterskerk
17.00 Cappella Pratensis – Jacobikerk
4th Sep.
13.00 Olga Pashchenko – Leeuwenbergh
17.00 Le Banquet Celeste – Hertz

Here is the full Early Music Frogramme, theme La Serenissima, music from Venice.