Concertzender is looking for a business manager

tue 22 nov 2016
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The Concertzender is looking for a

Business Manager
(24 uur)

who together with the general/creative director can make the Concertzender a success. The business manager will seek funding and translate the vision and strategy of the Concertzender into market opportunities. He or she will be able to make connections with third parties (podia, festivals, subsidy givers and companies) with the objective of firmly anchoring the Concertzender in Dutch musical life  and thereby reaching as many listeners as possible.

The Concertzender offers a podium for especial music and thus forms an essential link between this music and a wider public. The Concertzender wants to be the promotor of such music and remain, as radiostation, recording producer and platform for Dutch music archives.

The Concertzender broadcasts 24/7 directly via cable, internet and app, and indirectly via 22 theme canals, offering a programme from Medieval to brand new classical music, world music, jazz, opera, pop and every possible form of combinations thereof, always played at high level and  normally in their complete form. The Concertzender makes annually more than 200 recordings on the greatest podia in the country and during a number of important festivals.

In the coming years the Concertzender’s challenge will be to create a healthy mix of incomes sources , in which revenue from donors, public and private funds, sponsors and income from marketing activities will form the basis.

Job description

Business manager at the Concertzender is a very broad function. You’ll meet directors, aldermen and bosses. You will manage a number of volunteers. Simultaneously you’ll be planning, organising and taking on your own duties.

Generating funds:

  • Together with the general/creative director determine the vision, strategy and policy of the Concertzender
  • You’re an outstanding generator of funds (subsidies, funds, donations and sponsors)
  • You implement new plans and initiatives , based on a solid financial foundation


  • You’re responsible for the creation of the annual budget and managing all financial affairs.
  • You oversee the administration, manage the bookeeper and mantain contact with the accountant .


  • You manage ( jointly ) daily matters and the long-term development of the Concertzender
  • Together with the general/creative director and the communications team broaden the reputation of the Concertzender, both online and offline


Marketing & Communication:

  • You’re responsible for the development of the marketing- and publicity policy;
  • You initiate and plan together with the communication team (publicity) campaigns and joint ventures;
  • You’re responsible for anchoring the Concertzender in musical life.

Relationship with creative/general director:

  • Together form the board
  • The creative/general director is ultimately responsible.
  • The creative/general director is directly responsible for the format, the programming, the content of the site, the contact with the music and broadcasting world and manages the editors


The profile

Our profile is not set in stone – we’re looking for the right man or woman. Such as:

  • A relevant educational background at at least Hbo-level
  • Definitely at least 4 years work experience
  • Experience with finding funds, government finances and sponsoring
  • Business and financial understanding
  • Management experience in the voluntary sector
  • A network in the music sector
  • Fluent writer
  • An original vision about marketing and acquisition
  • Knowledge and experience in broadcasting  classical music, jazz or world music


What we have to offer

  • A great job with the best radio station & music platform in the Netherlands
  • 3 days per week.
  • Salary and benefits commensurate with a small cultural organisation and dependant on qualifications and experience.
  • Initially a one year contract, probationary period one month, with the intention of permanent employment.

Interested? Send your reasons and a recent CV before 28th November 2016 to vacature@concertzender.nl.  If you want to know more, contact Sem de Jongh, general director, via 06 19186035.

The Concertzender: a professional volunteers organisation

The Concertzender exists thanks to 170 enthusiastic volunteers who do most of the work. A number of companies contribute also to the Concertzender. An invaluable performance! You can find profiles of all volunteers at


The Concertzender: an open forum for music and its lovers

34 years ago a group of music lovers in Amsterdam shared a desire to create an open platform on which everything would be about music and musicians, music in all its forms could be heard, satisfy all music lovers, without boundaries between genres and without concessions to non-musical considerations. In 1982 that led to the creation of radiostation the Concertzender, because radio was the best option to realise such a platform.

Needed today

In 2016 the Concertzender is needed even more. The NPO is forced to economise on public and commercial broadcasters to move to the middle. With the inevitable result that unusual music is barely to be found and some of the Dutch podium performances remain unheard on the radio.

The Concertzender records annually 200 concrts to add to its already enormous 4,500 items archive of primarily Dutch musicans, orchestras and ensembles. The 200 recordings are made of more than 80 different ensembles and many individual musicians, during regular concerts and festivals in 50 different locations in Amsterdam en the rest of the Netherlands.

ConcertPodium and the new website

The Concertzender has recently made previously unheard music archives of musicians, ensembles and orchestras online to a broad public, the ConcertPodium. In order to give these archives (by among others Gaudeamus,the Ensembles, world music podia and our own immense archive)  a good home we’ve decided to revamp our website.

For and by music lovers

We’re for lovers of music for whom music is more than background and enjoy adventures. Under the motto ‘ recognise and learn’ the listener gets a broad assortment of known and unknown music of all sorts.


We can only do that on the basis of the 170 enthusiastic volunteers who work for the Concertzender , including 100 programme makers, all passionate experts in every possible genre, with particular attention for new music developments and talent.

So the Concertzender can offer a boundless music podium, for and by lovers.