Concertzender Newsletter: through that dark night

mon 2 dec 2019

This month the nights are the longest, especially 21st December. But the Concertzender will get you through the night. From 11.00 Saturday 21st December to Sunday morning 22nd December 00.70 we’re broadcasting a once off wonderful ambient extravaganza night, called Winter Solstice. Our 4 Sunday programme makers will be teaming up! Peter van Cooten (DreamScenes), Bob Rusche (X-Rated and X-Ray), Roel Janssen (Space Exposure) and Harrold Roeland (Sensenta) will be playing, mainly live from the studio, the loveliest quiet music. So lovely you wish you’d be able to push gold old Helios down behind its horizon indefinitely.

From dusk till dawn: Concertzender all stars 
Normally you’d hear these four radio men separately, on Sunday evening. Together they consistently get the best watching, listening and rating numbers! Just this once they’re working intensively together. And yes: there is a timetable for who ( more or less ) does what (probably) when and (around) what time. But of course it’s much more exciting to experience our nightly heroes live, safe and sound, from under the comfort of your very own duvet. Missing would be a sincere embarrassment. So prepare your coffee machine and set your alarm clock to 12/21/23.00!