Concertzender: world famous in Lyon

wed 1 apr 2020

On Saturday 21 December 2019, our technician Wijnand de Groot recorded a concert by Christine Ott. When he mentioned that he was there on behalf of the Concertzender, he was greeted in a very friendly way by the sound technician who was travelling with her: “Ah, the Concertzender! What a pleasure to finally meet you!”

This sound technician – a Dutchman who has been living in France for thirty years – works at the conservatory in Lyon where the Concertzender is very well known for its live recordings of Early Music. All well-known musicians in the early music genre can be heard at the Concertzender, and people make full use of that!

That’s me (Wijnand de Groot) on the left and on the right is Huby, the man from Lyon. The photo was taken by Hessel Veldman.