Crooners and Claxons, Jansons and Grolleman

thu 26 dec 2019

A new chairman, new ideas, and a new decade in front of us, we at the Concertzender are absolutely ready for it. So a lot of attention this month for new things. From innovation to technique and avant-garde. After the windmachine, the whip and the typewriter the claxon makes its bow in music at the start of the twenties. The car you needed for that had already been invented which helped a lot. You can hear them racing through Paris in the 20’s and the bars including the original version in Gershwins An American in Paris, tracked down by Thijs Bonger. Thea Derks explains Entartete Musik and you’ll get an exclusive look behind the monastery walls of Puglia. On Sunday evening 20th January Bob Rusche covers another great innovator, radio person Arjen Grolleman, founder of X-rated. Don’t forget Beethoven, one of the greatest innovators in musical history. And the Palace of Nostalgia about the erotic consequences of good microphones. Want to know more? Enjoy Sjaak Rodenburg’s long read and lock up your daughters on 11th January. And there’s more, as we bring on Benny Goodman, who blew Carnegie Hall away 82 years ago… and you too, if you tune in on 25th January!