Crosslinks highlights 2019

thu 9 jan 2020
Theme: Crosslinks

The programme makers from the Crosslinks channel share their musical highlights from 2019. Take a listen!

The Crosslinks team regularly make concert recordings for the Concertzender Live programme. Three festivals in the Netherlands are particularly important: Le Guess Who?, Rewire and FAQ. In addition, we also make recordings of other concerts by artists that we think should be brought to your attention.

One of the best of our Concertzender Live programmes in 2019 was broadcast on 13 November. This programme featured live performances by Astrid Sonne, Tashi Wada Group and Pierre Bastien & Tomaga and was made during Rewire in Den Haag. The technician responsible for the recording was Mike Kramer.
Hessel Veldman

Roel Janssen presented two Space Exposure specials with his highlights from 2019.
Part 1: https://www.concertzender.nl/programma/space_exposure_536790/
Part 2: https://www.concertzender.nl/programma/space_exposure_537778/

Bob Rusche did the same in X-Rated.
Part 1: https://www.concertzender.nl/programma/xrated_536794/
Part 2: https://www.concertzender.nl/programma/xrated_537782/

Terra Incognita part 51 is also highly recommended.
The way in which atmosphere and tension builds is especially important for a programme that is broadcast in the evening. Terra Incognita part 51 is particularly succesful in this respect.
Fred Wittenberg.

Festival Atemporánea 2019 Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019. Part 2.
A very special broadcast with electronic music that is rarely heard here.

This recommendation comes from Roland Kuit who was pleased to be able to present such music on the Concertzender. Kuit was in Buenos Aires for a presentation of his sound art and a live concert. While he was there he had the opportunity to hear the music that is featured in this programme.