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Cruel fortune and the delights of the bottle

wed 26 feb 2020
Genre: Baroque

Sharp contrasts, matured emotions and warm colours: Baroque is trending. On Friday afternoon 13 March, Concertzender Live will broadcast two baroque concert recordings: ‘O Fortuna Crudele’, featuring soprano Henriette Feith and baroque oboist Marcel Ponseele, and the concert ‘The Delights of the Bottle’, a performance of Eveline Juten and Arwen Bouw on the 2018 International Lute Event.

O Fortuna Crudele
Sunday afternoon 9 February 2020, the concert organisation Music on Chairs from Amersfoort presented ‘O Fortuna Crudele’; a diverse baroque concert with vocal and instrumental music by J.S. Bach, Händel, Telemann, Scarlatti, Thiel and Platti and performed by the world famous baroque oboist Marcel Ponseele, soprano Henriëtte Feith, baritone Robbert Muuse, harpsichordist Kathryn Cok and bassoonist Wouter Verschuren.

The star role in this concert is played by the baroque oboe, and to have one of world’s top baroque oboists, Marcel Ponseele, play it was a golden opportunity. His presence showed, for example, in the beautiful duet ‘Mein Freund ist mein’ from cantata BWV 140 by Bach, the aria ‘Ho tanti afanni in petto’ for soprano and oboe by Händel and the trio sonata in E flat by Telemann. In addition, you will hear the solo cantata ‘Zischet nur, stechet, ihr feurigen Zungen’ by Telemann and sonatas by Platti, Telemann, Thiel and Scarlatti.

Baroque drinking songs
During the 2018 International Lute Event in Utrecht, Eveline Juten (vocals, zither, lute) and Arwen Bouw (baroque violin) played their programme ‘The Delights of the Bottle’; a compilation of broadside ballads and Dutch drinking songs from the 17th century, including the song ‘The Delights of the Bottle’ or ‘The Town-Gallants Declaration for Women and Wine’ by Matthew Locke.

Friday 13 March 2020, from 14.00 to 16.00.
Tuesday 17 March 2020, from 14.00 to 16.00.