Damas del Tango

fri 15 jan 2016
Theme: World Music

Part 4 of Damas del Tango on Friday 15 January 22:00 CET features Rosita Quiroga, who had a short but very succesful career as a tango singer in the 1920s.

Rosita Quiroge was born in 1896 in La Boca, the old harbour town to the south of Buenos Aires, in a house made from timber and corrugated iron. Her mother was a seamstress and her father worked as a labourer in the harbour.
Rosita left school when she was 11 years old to work as a singer to earn money to support the family. She grew up in a neighbourhood where the people experienced poverty and misery but also showed strength and solidarity. These experiences are the subject of her songs and her lyrics are full of lunfardo, the slang of Buenos Aires.


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