Deep in the Heart of Tuva

fri 18 apr 2014

In Metamorphoses on 18 April at 17:00 we will follow a musical journey that was planned by Richard Feynman using the CD Deep in the Heart of Tuva.

The excentric physicist Richard Feynman was a many of many talents. In 1965 he received the Nobel prize for his brilliant contribution to the quantum theory.


Feynman was fascinated by the former Soviet republic of Tuva in Southern Siberia and by its special musical culture. In 1980s Feynman made plans to trek through Tuva in order to experience this music first-hand. The Cold War and his early death prevented him from realising this adventurous ambition. Ralph Leighton, a close friend of Feynman, made this compilation of field recordings and live performances by musician from Tuva as a tribute to him.


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