Dieter van Westen and his band in Acoustic Roots

wed 10 may 2017
Theme: World Music

On Friday 12th May Dieter van der Westen and his band are our guests in Acoustic Roots, in de Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht.

Dieter van der Westen is a Dutch singer songwriter, composer and music producer . Early In 2016 his second solo album Old oak tree appeared.

Band members:
Dieter van der Westen: Acoustic guitar and lead singer
Eric van der Westen: Bass and backing vocals
Aron Raams: Electric guitar and backing vocals
Gijs Anders van Straalen: Drums and backing vocals

You’re welcome to attend this performance.
The hall opens at 20:00 , tickets 5 euro.

The recording will be broadcast on Friday 19th May at 21:00 .
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