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fri 25 nov 2016


Thanks to the invaluable support of our Friends, we are able to bring you your music 24/7. 100% of our broadcast schedule is funded by public and private donations.

That’s top quality, commercial-free programming 24/7 made possible by the generosity of people like you in Holland and around the world.

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The Concertzender is an independent radio station which strives to bring you a broad variety of the highest quality music.

Classical, jazz, folk, world, or new and experimental music, the Concertzender has it all.


and you will become a Friend of the Concertzender!


Non-residents of the Netherlands who do not wish to use PayPal: please send us an email requesting transfer data using the ‘comments’ field in the form on the right.


Residents of the NetherlandsĀ who do not use the PayPal option will receive a welcome letter with an acceptgiro for their contribution within two weeks’ time. In order to send you info bulletins we require your name, address, postal code, city and email address. We will only use your telephone number or fax number to verify your details in case of uncertainty. You may of course leave these fields blank.