sat 6 jun 2015
Theme: Crosslinks

From Tuesday 9th June Dr. Klangendum will be broadcasting the new radiofonic-docu-feuilleton 'Forms Of Denial Prt. 2'. The progress of a radioproject in Tbilisi, Georgië, in which Dr. Klangendum actually no longer believed.

'Forms Of Denial Prt. 2'       Internal Monologue;
Why did I do this, all this fuss? What was the original plan? Something with perverted animals. Why should I want to be involved with perverted animals? A few jokes by Cees Moeliker were enough – the pubic lice threatened with extinction, the homosexual necrofiliac town duck… was anybody interested? No. Is talking about perverted animals a way to get in touch with people? On the one hand maybe, but after initial interest there is little in common left…. Then just talk about their lives in the hope that somewhere a perverted animal will appear. The only one which appears everywhere is the oto. Which is pretty preverted too. This .That. This That..


Read more here about Dr. Klangendum in the programme guide for 9th June 2015 at 24:00 .