Dr. Klangendum #3-3-3-3

fri 13 sep 2019
Theme: Crosslinks

The doctors from Dr. Klangendum are visiting our studio on Sunday 15 September from 18:00 to 21:00 CET to perform an extra-long live operation using our turntables.

The renowned doctors, Dr. Henk Klangendum Bakker and Dr. Lukas Klangendum Simonis, have been working since 2 July 2013, together with their esteemed colleagues, to create Dr. Klangendum: a clinic for independent sonic art, radiophonic projects and other non-visual  misunderstandings. You might think of it as a series, but the treatments offerred by Dr. Klangendum have no structure, the doctors do not accept regularity or standardisation.

Some aspects of each programme are however recognisable. The regular assistants include Adam Bohman, Vincent Denieul and Sara Pinheiro, but the patients often vary. Dr. Klangendum forms part of Radia Network. The regular operations are broadcast as well as specials involving sonic artists and radiophonic theatre groups, In the last week of August 2019 Dr. Klangendum performed their 300th operation.

So prepare yourself well! The operation that will be performed this Sunday is likely to be chaotic. It could be especially difficult if you are still cooking or eating when it takes place. The taste in your mouth could suddenly change, it may become unrecognisable, you could become ecstatic. You have been warned, prepare well before you tune in to the Concerzender to listen to Dr. Klangendum XL.