Dr. Klangendum

fri 9 sep 2022
Theme: Crosslinks

Episode 448 of Dr. Klangendum on Sunday 11 September 24:00 CET features the second of our new series of WORM/Klang/Concertzender productions.

Dr. Klangendum has become an integral part of the Concertzender. It started out as Radio Worm, but has since become an endless series of programs that are full of independent sound art, radiophonic projects and other audio-non-visual misunderstandings and chance encounters. Sometimes radiophonic productions are taken from the Radia network, but own productions are also regularly presented. The recordings for Dr. Klangendum usually take place in the WORM studios in Rotterdam or are composed using field recordings which are made outside the studio.

Last week’s programme was the first in a new series of WORM/Dr. Klangendum/Concertzender productions: NO. 69 or FUCK ME! IT IS YET ANOTHER LOUD FEMINIST or A DIRTY PAGE FROM THE DIARIES OF AN ALIEN

This week you can listen to Klankcatalogus a co-production by Bas Kwakman and improvisation guitarist Lukas Simonis.