Dream a little dream: Dream Scenes special Bratislava edition

tue 30 jul 2019

Bratislava, 29 June, 21.00. Sleeping bags are ready, tables full of apparatus and softly whispering beamers are getting ready for a very special get together: the Ambient Sleepover Festival. Between 21.00 and 08.00 there was an eleven hour long night concert in the Slovak city, with eleven acts who gave a performance for a public who listened, dozed or just slept. The name of this festival was Dream Scenes Bratislava https://festivaldreamscenes.wordpress.com/ And yes: the name came from the monthly DreamScenes mix series on the Concertzender!

Festival mix aired at the Concertzender
The Concertzender pays them back by proudly presenting a DreamScenes special, with a selection of acts from the festival!

The festival was organised by Lukáš Bulko (Alapastel) and Lukáš Medlen (Charon). The line up contained performances by Chaosdroid, Whithe, Alapastel, Casi Cada Minuto, Phragments, Prvočísla, 16 Colours, Strom Noir, Vrtačky Po Desáté Hodině, Meltingeyes and Charon. For anyone – hardly thinkable – who doesn’t know about the Slovakian ambient/experimental music cene possibly only the name Strom Noir, and to a lesser extent Alapastel, will be known. Another good reason to delve deeper into the unknown Slovakian ambient-scene . Music knows no boundaries!


Of course it was impossible to summarise 11 hours of performances in a mere 60 minute mix . This is a small selection, sometimes in a different order than the performances. So the mix is not a concert recording and not all artists are represented. But for anyone who wasn’t there it does give an impression of the programme. And remember the delicious breakfast which concluded Dream scenes Bratislava in the early morning of 30th June!


Dream Scenes Bratislava mix will be aired on August 11 form 19 hrs.

URL and playlist: https://www.concertzender.nl/programma/sensenta_518947/.