Editorial: Quiet City

fri 29 jan 2021

Oh, if only you worked at Concertzender, you could go out after curfew these days. As long as you have an evening job, of course, and the right paperwork in reach for law enforcement. The reward: a quiet city. The Oudegracht canal has never meandered along the Dom Tower more beautifully than it does now, and the Mariaplaats has never been lovelier. If music is to accompany this tranquil shadow theatre, then perhaps it should be Quiet City by Aaron Copland, which he wrote for the stage in 1939 and which we recorded in the Leeuwenberghkerk in Utrecht, with special thanks to our recording engineer Wijnand de Groot.

So much for silence. After all, music is what it’s all about. Starting this month, we have a new schedule. You can find the broadcast timetable in this newsletter, so you can figure it out for yourself, right? Halfway through the month, we’ll start our brand new documentary series on Josquin des Prez, who died 500 years ago. More recent is our exceptional composer of the month, who hides under a fountain in the very heart of Paris. We have a lot of jazz from The Hague and beyond, and you can go for a walk – remember to bring the right paperwork, though – with Thijs Bonger and Joseph Wölfl, the man who took on Beethoven in a piano duel… and, perhaps, won? See you next month!