Editorial: tell us what you think

tue 30 jul 2019

From now on the Concertzender Newsletter will appear at the beginning of the month. Useful : then you know about all the good stuff waiting for you in the month ahead and don’t have to listen later.Of course you can always find our programmes afterwards on our website. Or even better: install our Concertzender app on your phone.

Last month we started our new programming, with the Morning edition as a comfortable start to every work day. We’re very interested in hearing what you thought of this. Did you get up earlier? Do you go to work more relaxed, or has your burnout risk been reduced bya few percentage points ? What do think of the choice of music? The presentation? The themes? Tell us! And that also applies to our news letter, the app and all the other programmes and concerts we record and broadcast.

Also this month: we’re excited about the Naples-themed Early Music Festival 2019. Luc Nijs is looking forward to Luciano Berio’s only opera Un Re in Ascolto. We looking forward to the ambient festival in Bratislava named after our programme Dream Scenes. There is news from Mozarabië . And we take notice of what you think of us: below each article in this special newsletter you’re invited to respond to one or more questions. Other comments, suggestions and reactions are very welcome. As a bonus on of this month’s responses will win Arthur Olof’s book.

So: what do you think of the newsletter? What do you miss, and what do you like? Is this too much or too little ? Too often or not often enough? Tell us by sending a reponse to