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Elly Ameling our guest on the Concertzender

wed 19 sep 2018

On 23rd September at 12.00 we’re starting a four part series about Elly Ameling.

On one of the warmest days of 2018 soprano Elly Ameling was our guest in the Concertzender studio . Together with presenter Evert Jan Nagtegaal they discussed and listened to a selection of her enormous discography.

She talked about the start of her career and played one of her first recordings. It’s remarkable to compare two recordings of the same Schubert song 10 years apart and wth different pianists. ‘Opposing tendencies’ are evident in repertoire, composers and performances.

The series with Elly Ameling will be broadcast on 23rd September, 14th October, 28th October and 11th November 2018, always at 12.00 .

In two of the four broadcasts room is made for a number of major works and song cycles.

‘Die Sanck een Liedt’ the Song Programme at the Concertzender, every 2nd and 4th Sunday of the month at 12 .00

Photos : H.J. te Loo