Ensemble SCALA

mon 4 mar 2019

Sunday 3rd March 2019, 11:00
Muziekgebouw Amsterdam:


No broadcast date is planned for this concert.

Who is afraid of small tonal distances? No reason anyway with this intriguing series of works On the programme a lovely classical modern work by the American composer Ezra Sims, called Night Piece and a nice piece with long lines from the Dutch composer Arnold Marinissen, called Rapprochement.

In addition there are premières by the American composer Aaron Krister Johnson and the Rumanian composer Sebastian Dumitrescu, both of whom have a lot of experience with microtonale music. And to cap it off a conducted improvisation by Melle Weijters for the whole ensemble which can best be described as ‘just intonation’.

Ensemble SCALA is playing in this concert works based on different divisions of the octave. Not only the five tones of the 31 tonal system but also the quarter tones of the 24 tonal system,  third tones from the 19 tonal system and the completely pure tones of the major tonal series. So a concert full of microtones.


Ezra Sims Night Piece: in girum imus nocte et consumimur igni
Melle Weijters Improspectrum
Aaron Krister Johnson The Juggler
Sebastian Dumitrescu Ancient Wisdom
Arnold Marinissen Rapprochement

Ensemble SCALA:
Raymond Honing flute
Michel Marang clarinet
Manuel Visser viola
Stefan Gerritsen 31-toonsguitar
Anne Veinberg Carrillo-piano, keyboards
Ere Lievonen Fokker-organ
Glenn Liebaut percussion