Eric Vaarzon Morel in Acoustic Roots

fri 28 nov 2014
Theme: World Music

From 21.00 to 22.00 on Friday 21st November the guest in Acoustic Roots will be flamenco guitarist Eric Vaarzon Morel. He will be playing and explaining the background to excerpts from his recently issued cd " El Aguador " ( The Waterbearer ).


Eric Vaarzon Morel (born in 1961), son of painter Wim Vaarzon Morel, had his first lesson at the age of 16 from Paco Peña at the 7e Rencontres de la guitare in France. Inspired by this event he moved to Spain at the age of 19 and lived and worked there for 2 years. During the 80's he toured Europe with the Swiss group Flamencos. You can find the rest of his extensive cd on his website.


As well as being a great flamenco guitarist Eric Vaarzon Morel also composes and arranges. He received rave reviews for his last theatre project, the opera " el Greco de Toledo ".


El Aguador

Acoustic Roots will be broadcasting the premiere of his recent cd 'El Aguador', ( The Waterbearer ), from which Eric will play and explain musical excerpts. The music on this cd is based on the eopnymous theatre production, which will be performed in the coming months all over the Netherlands, directed by Diederik van Vleuten. It's a solo performance in which Eric plays and tells the following story :


'At the beginning of the 80's a young Dutchman arrived in the deepest South of Spain. In the blinding light of Andalusia he found his way along dried-out paths. The alleyways and cafes of Sevilla became home to him, and flamenco became his language.  Once home he saw the frozen reedbeds on the Dutch horizon and realised : I'm a waterbearer. I want to drench the Andalusian corkoaks with my guitar music, bring the jasmine trees into bloom and bring Spanish warmth back to my low-lying country. I'm going to bear water from the clumpy clay of the South to the hot and of the North, and back again.'


Eric Vaarzon Morel will also be playing an ode to the great master Paco de Lucía.


This episode of Acoustic Roots was recorded live in the Pieternel of the Pieterskerk in Utrecht..



  • Friday 21 november 2014, 21.00 – 22.00 uur
  • Sunday 30 november 2014, 19.00 – 20.00 uur


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