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FAQ Festival 2022

mon 24 oct 2022

From 3rd to the 5th November there’ll be a new edition of the FAQ Festival . It’s a musical feast for contemporary electronic music in Den Bosch, which is held since last year under the umbrella of the November Music festival. A festival within a festival which just as every year has invited a number of prominent guests. In the Thema broadcast on Wednesday 26th October (20.00-22.00 ) once again a short foretaste, with special attention for the American composers Tristan Perich (1982) and Keith Fullerton Whitman (1973). During FAQ they play solo performances. On Friday 4th November Perich closes the second FAQ day and Whitman plays the next day in the Bossche Verkadefabriek. Both Whitman and Perich give electronic music a new energy boost in their own ways. Pleasure in experimenting and love for minimalism, drones and trance creators go hand in hand. During the FAQ festival there are also performances from among others Sote and video artist Tarik Barri, Stephen O’Malley with Kali Malone, Ale Hop, Beatrice Dillon. Lolina, Russell Haswell and Terrence Dixon. You can find more information on: