Field recordings from Mars

sun 30 jun 2019

Dr. Klangendum begins a new series of programmes on Sunday 30 June at 24:00 CET with field recordings made on the planet Mars.

Dr. Klangendum  presents independent sound art, radiophonic projects and other non-visual inventions and misunderstandings. The new series that starts on Sunday 30 June begins with field recordings made on the planet Mars.

Dr. Klangendum have their own production house and studio at WORM Rotterdam and it is here that the frequent workshops, sound sessions and radiophonic improvisations take place. Most of the big names from the world of experimental music have recorded in the Dr. Klangedum studio.

Dr. Klangendum is nearing the 300th episode of of their series for the Concertzender. That is already a lot of sound art and absurd radiophonics and that is not everything. Dr. Klangedum is the continuation of the WORM Radio programmes that were broadcast for many years before on the Concertzender.

This extensive archive is unprecedented and attracts sound art enthousiasts from all over the world.

In the first episdoe of the new series, Sindre Bjerga and Frans de Waard present a collection of field recordings made on Mars.

Click here for the playlist.