Genius Music Friends

sun 10 may 2020

Our series Genius Music Friends continues on Tuesday 5 May at 20:00 CET. Mozart and Haydn parted with tears in their eyes. Haydn was on his way to London but travelled via Munich where he met Christian Cannebich (see portret).

It was a small world because Cannebich was also a good friend of Mozart. Mozart admired Cannebich as both conductor and composer. The programme features extracts from his two symphonies by Cannebich. Mozart also gave piano lessons to Cannebich’s attractive daughter Rosa and also wrote a sonata for her. It is one that you do not hear very often. but it is included in the programme. In addition, Mozart and Cannebich worked together intensively during the production of Mozart’s revolutionary new opera Idomeneo. You can listen to some hightlights from this opera.