Guitar legend John Fahey

sun 21 mar 2021

Thema on Wednesday 24 March at 20.00 CET presents an ode to John Fahey.

It is likely that the first names that come to mind when music enthusiasts think of guitar legends are Jimi Hendrix, Django Reinhardt of Eric Clapton. Another guitar player who belongs in that list is the more modest but equally talented John Fahey. On the 22 February it will be exactly 20 years since he died during a heart operation at the age of 61. Fahey is known as the founder of the American Primitive style of guitar playing. Fahey’s minimal and crystal clear fingerpicking brought together the sounds of the blues, folk, avant-garde, American hymns and world-music. He was a major influence on subsequent generations of guitar players including Jack Rose, James Blackshaw, David Grubbs and Jim O’Rourke. His record labels Takoma en Revenant released early blues and American folk music as well as the work of like-minded contemporary musicians such as Leo Kottke and Robbie Basho. Thema presents a tribute to John Fahey with a broad selection of his music. It includes a track from his very first album from 1959 as well as one from his last official release Hitomi from 2000. In addition, there is more recent guitar music from guitar players that he inspired including Jack Rose and James Blackshaw.

Click here for the playlist.