In memoriam Chuck Deely

thu 26 jan 2017

Chuck Deely was a busker in The Hague. Hidden away in his thick parka, with an old, battered guitar and a gravely voice (and sometimes with no voice at all), he could be found in some of the least hospitable places in the city, dwarfed by the megalomaniac buildings and often drowned out by the sound of the passing trams and scooters.
Chuck really could play and he really could sing, but it was his personality that made him so popular.

It is said that cats search out the place in a house with the most negative energy and absorb and remove that energy. It was also said that the streets of The Hague were a few degrees warmer where Chuck played. Chuck was the house cat of The Hague. He also had 9 lives, most people with his life style would not have lived to be 62 years old.
However, on 9 January 2017, his ninth life came to an end. Chuck is no longer with us and the Streets of The Hague are a few degress colder.
Click here to read an interview with Chuck Deely from 2012.
Kairos on Thursday 2 February at 23:00 CET will end with a tribute to Chuck Deely, his self-written song with the significant title: Nice guys never win.
photo Chuck Deely: Wino Penris.

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