Incubate – X-Rated

wed 4 may 2016

The first 2016 edition of the Incubate Festival in Tilburg will be held on 13th, 14th and 15th May. On Sunday 8th May from 21.00 X-Rated will be giving tickets away for the most adventurous Dutch music festival.

The adventurous music programming is similar to our Crosslinks and New Music programming. X-Rated, every Sunday from 21:00 , inhabits the independent music world, from which Incubate selects many of its artists.

Click here for all the programmes which, as well as X-Rated, have featured Incubate and the artists who have played there.

But also other Crosslinks and New Music programmes, such as Pakrammel, Popart, Electronic Frequencies, Bijdetijds, 230 Volt, Dr.Klangendum, Vrije Radicalen, Space Exposure, Thema and Kraak Helder, go through the same music forests as Incubate.

Attention! Our permanent programme maker Mark van de Voort  writes full reports about what he’s heard during his walk through the Incubate forest

Read his reviews on our website and listen to his Thema broadcasts.

Here you can read more about the programming from 13th – 15th May 2016, Incubate.

An important performer during this edition of Incubate is Nurse With Wound. Listen here to a previous concert NWW gave during Incubate 2012.