Intimate letter : Samuel Vriezen to Jeromos Kamphuis

wed 27 sep 2017

Contemporary 1st October 17:00 .

Samuel Vriezen (1973) lives and works in Amsterdam. He has written many works for chamber music ensembles which have been performed the world over. Vriezen’s compositions show a preference for unusual ways of organising interactions and treatments by the performers through which he explores the polyphonic possibilities these ways of playing together offer .

As well as a composer Vriezen is also a poet and pianist. He wrote many text compositions (or polyphonic poems) and his writings (comprising poems, translations and essays) appear in various literary publications including the Dutch ‘Parmentier’, the Flemish ‘Yang’ and the French ‘Action Poétique. As pianist he is best known for his especially virtuoso performance of Tom Johnson’s Chord Catalogue and his Symmetries (together with Dante Boon issued on Karnatic Lab Records).