Inventions For Radio || New Radiophonic Workshop Special

tue 28 oct 2014

Inventions for Radio on Wednesday 29 October from 21.00 to 00.00 CET presents the second part of the programme produced with The New Radiophonic Workshop in London. Armeno Alberts (Café Sonore), Martijn Comes (Kraak Helder) and The New Radiophonic Workshop (The Space) take you into the world of radio-art in a programme featuring contributions from James Bulley, Daniel Jones and Lauren Sarah Hayes.

Martijn Comes has been presenting the monthly radio-art programme ‘Inventions For Radio’  since 2011. The concept has grown over the years to become a unique homage to the power of radio as a medium and to the achievements of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop (1958-1998) in particular.


In 2012, the BBC and The Arts Council of England revitalised their ambitions to produce innovative sound design with The New Radiophonic Workshop. Sound-artist and composer Matthew Herbert was made creative director and Martijn Comes from the Concertzender established a partnership soon afterwards. This partnership resulted in a number of innovative radio programmes in the series Inventions For Radio. Inventions For Radio now reaches a new milestone with a 3 hour long special in which radiophonic artists and composers James Bulley, Daniel Jones and Lauren Sarah Hayes will be broadcasting directly from London. 


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