Inventions for Radio presents Monoták and Bert Kommerij

mon 26 jan 2015
Theme: Crosslinks

In Inventions for Radio, 28th of january at 23.00 CET: Composers collective Monoták collaborated with writer Bert Kommerij in the making of the radioplay “Date – a Tinder Opera”. Date was performed live in the Lloyd Hotel in Amsterdam Januari 17th. Monoták Composers Tom Myrmel and Eric de Clercq composed a prologue and epilogue. 

A tinder prologue: three phone calls (2014) by Thomas Myrmel


– Date – a Tinder Opera (2014)

text: Bert Kommerij

music: Anat Spiegel, Dirk Bruinsma, Ivo Bol and Paul Glazier

voice: Anat Spiegel, saxophone and organ: Dirk Bruinsma, samples: Ivo Bol, sounds and zither: Paul Glazier, recording and post production: Thomas Myrmel


"The idea to write a piece for Monotak was suggested to me by Paul Glazier (Monotak member). It became a live radioplay, a monologue for a woman, waiting for her love in the hotelroom where they had their first sexual encounter. I call it a Tinder Opera. Paul Glazier, Ivo Bol and Dirk Bruinsma added music and soundscapes, with Dirk Bruinsma on the saxophone.  Anat Spiegel composed and performed all the songs, also setting the opening text by Jenny Holzer to music. This I found on a bench at the Peggy Guggenheim museum in Venice and it suited the theme of the radioplay well. 


As a writer I'm obsessed by the internet and the digital world. For my first plays I went to chat cafe's and used the chats. Later I used Flickr, Facebook and Twitter as a dramatic arena and inspiration. I have even used Wordfeud in a play. 


I use both the negative and positive side effects of Social Media. As a writer I don't have to use fiction anymore. It's all there, waiting to be dramatized. New ways of communication are dramatic and challenging at the same time. They tickle your imagination. The way we communicate is being re-defined and the technology has entered the bedroom – something most brands want. 

In this piece the dating app Tinder plays an important role. Dating apps have an impact in the way we fall in love. Intimacy grows. 


I think it is important to keep on dramatizing the digital world and all its chaos and order, so we can keep on looking at it as if it is new. To keep on wondering about its possibilites and borders. How it effects our live, our relationships, the way we communicate – these are my questions. “

Bert Kommerij


– Epilogue by Dr. Nite (2014) – Eric de Clercq

Epilogue by Dr. Nite is made as an epilogue for 'DATE' – a Tinder opera. The natural elements fire, water, air and earth play an important role. The piece shows the dark and grim loneliness of a man that could be the phantasy of the main character of Date. Or the woman is the phantasy of the man.


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