Inventions For Radio presents Sabrina Joy

wed 26 mar 2014

Inventions for Radio presents Wednesday March 26th 23.00 the conceptual mix of the Los Angeles based multimedia artist Sabrina Joy, co-founder of the Hljóðaklettar label and Rous Radio.

Joy treats the factors honesty and instinct in her conceptual mix "The First Scare".


The First Scare

A fugue of the horror movie sounds of Poe poems read during a damp, dark night, she sinks into the darker side of experimental music: atonal, asymmetric, and asocial. The arc of this compilation follows the wayward soul trying desperately to make friends, but failing miserably.


"The process of creation is 100% intuitive for me. More often than not when I write poetry I have no idea what I'm talking about. I rush to write down the words coming to me even though I don't know what they mean. Weeks or months later, suddenly the meaning arrives…always suddenly. Mixing is more immediate. The theme presents itself before the mix is made and when it's completed, it feels like a problem is solved. I believe if you're honest with yourself and your art, there will always be an audience. Maybe in your lifetime, maybe not."

Says Joy.


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