Inventions For Radio presents Salem Rashid

tue 20 may 2014
Theme: Crosslinks

Wednesday evening, 23.00 CET in Inventions For Radio, Bedouin Records owner Salem Rashid gives an impression of his desert dunes and early experimentalism.

"Two magi trudge over and under porous sand, trekking thoughtfully without pause. Their cinnamon coloured boots leave symmetrical tracks that tattoo the smooth desert dunes; winds abate, the dunes seem to approve of the designs. They wear loose white cloaks, tied in place by a yellow sash around the waist. Ascending the bronze staircases etched in the oriental skin of ancient alluvial plains, they fly upwards like hallowed doves."


The London and Dubai based Salem Rashid experienced great momentum when he started his label Bedouin Records. His impressive selection of innovative clubmusic with ethnical influences brought the label much attention in a short period of time. Enough reason for Inventions For Radio to ask Rashid to produce a show about his influences.


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