Inventions for Radio. SoundFjord presents David Prior

wed 25 sep 2013
Theme: Crosslinks

From August until October the SoundFjord gallery in London is guest curating Inventions for Radio. Wednesday September 25 23.00 CET we will broadcast the second of three episodes presenting composer and sound artist David Prior.

SoundFjord is a creative venture specialising in the production, curation, exhibition and promotion of sound, trans-media art and related research and practice. In 2013, SoundFjord unshackled itself from its North London studio and became a fully-fledged nomadic concern. Unfettered by the specificity of a single space, location or architecture, SoundFjord's work is now to be found online, on air and in situ at a variety of places.


David Prior
David Prior is a composer and sound artist with a particular interest in the relationship between sound and space.  His work spans compositions for acoustic instruments, live electronics and fixed media as well as radio programmes, sound installations and sound walks. Since 2003 most of David’s work in the area of sound art and exhibition sound design has been carried out through liminal, while his musical output is released under his own name or through his two collaborative music projects, Derailer (with John Matthias) and Arcades (with Dugal McKinnon). 


For complete information please consult our programme guide.

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